Why Has It Been Another Growth Day (Day 9)

Day 9 

The pension pot has gone from £7,500, to £8,800 (£1,300 gain)

Luck or judgment?

Would you believe me if I said 100% judgement? I hope so.

Here's another judgement, the price will dip (go down) 20-30 % before Christmas.

The real reason the price is going up is the big Investment houses are buying.

Vanguard, Fidelity, BlackRock are all accumulating ahead of the launch of a Bitcoin Spot ETF product in the USA within 35 days.

This will mean all registered Financial Advisors (sales people), will soon be selling Bitcoin and Ethereum to their clients in 2024. ETF's are a safe way of buying BTC and ETH via a trusted third party that takes care of everything for you.

Note the price of BTC when this video was shot was $28,000+

Today BTC soared to $44,000 


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