Serious Business - Not Going To Zero - Young vs Elders

I hope you are all having a lovely last Sunday before Christmas Day.

My Grandad instinct tells me that Bitcoin (and Crypto) might come up at family gatherings over Christmas.

Younger members of the family may be enthusiastic and positive about the future of Digital money, while elder members just brush it off with "Property, a pension and stocks are how I made this family's wealth, it's all a scam".

Here are some facts that might pull the whole family together.

1. Bitcoin (BTC) is not going to zero! - This opinion is no longer part of any constructive conversation and I've been having Bitcoin conversations since 2011. If BTC was going to zero, that would have happened already, if you still think it will (within a decade), stop reading and enjoy watching your cash savings shrink against inflation.

2. There will be various BTC *ETFs launched in the USA, earliest January, latest March 2024. The big investment and pension providers (BlackRock, Fidelity et al) will provide their own *ETFs to their clients. Your licensed Independent Financial Advisor will be selling BTC investments to you in 2024. 

*An ETF is like a Mutual Fund but with a funky kicker. The launch of several ETF's will create a sizeable buying demand for BTC 2024, that is a fact, not a hope. ETF explainer video below.

3. Also in the USA, rules will change for how companies can treat BTC on their Balance Sheets. This is big! (one for the elders). Companies that hold BTC on their Balance Sheet will have tax-regulated rules of how they report its "fair value", just like Gold.  

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), a U.S. entity that details how companies should report assets on their balance sheet, published a standards update on Wednesday that will let corporations recognise "fair value" changes in crypto holdings. CoinDesk

4. Below is a crib sheet for any extended family debates about what the future may hold for BTC.

5. As one of the Grandads in my wider family, I'll be with the "Youngs" and I'll be buying some more BTC on behalf of the family before Christmas and we can all watch it grow in 2024. 

If you would like a recommendation of where to buy your first bit of BTC, contact me in DM. This blog is still small and intimate so I probably know you. 


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