Adapt or Die

It's been a good week of growth. £7500 stake is now £8730. 

However the growth has slowed in the last few days and I'm expecting BTC to go down to maybe £30,000 ($37,000). 

But I haven't invested part of my pension into Bitcoin for quick gains. 

It's a long-term investment, with my grandchildren in mind. 

So for clarity, I care little for short-term ups and downs, although the ups, give good vibes, of course.

If you're still reading, great! 

Here is a video that looks into the future and frames Bitcoin as more than just a cryptocurrency whose price goes up and down.

This is what I'm investing in, a future that when I'm gone will be exponentially different to my life today and maybe I give my family a decent chance of survival. It's deep.


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